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There’s a new tradition brewing in Fifi-land: test kitchen Sundays. Since I have hoarded hundreds of recipes from Bon Appetit, Fine Cooking, Everyday Food, FoodNetwork, etc etc etc…I need a time and a place (and a bunch of hungry mouths) to give me the motivation to whip up a selection of goodies. If they pass inspection – then they go into the recipe file. If not – into the recycling can.

This week was fairly mundane. My contribution consisted of Root Vegetable and Mushroom Pie w/Rosemary Biscuit Topping, Beer Biscuits (trial run for Super Bowl party), and a recipe for Hot Italian Milk Cake.

Results: the hot milk cake is a definite keeper. Very Old World – slightly lemon flavored and low in sugar. My Polish grandmother is even a fan. The other two contestants…not so much.

The beer biscuits were rather dry and unflavorful – maybe I’ll try a mixture with ham and Gruy√®re cheese instead. And the veggie bake was reminiscent of a dish served by Bill Knapps – no teeth required ya’ll! I mean, really, baking vegetables for over 2 hours with simmering and resting, yada yada yada results in a meal with baby food consistency. The biscuit topping didn’t mesh well with the earthy flavor of the vegetables, either. However, I did get to use a celery root for the first time.

If anyone has suggestions for next weekend, I would greatly appreciate some tried and true’s.


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